How to Filter River Water for Drinking

Water is an essential commodity that is used in industries, agriculture, and most importantly, in households worldwide. Any living organism can’t live without water as our bodies require it for many purposes like digestion. However, we don’t just need any water but the fresh and clean water that is safe for our bodies. Getting this fresh and clean drinking water is becoming difficult nowadays due to the everyday water pollution. The water that you’re drinking from your home tap may be contaminated with chemicals that can bring serious diseases. This may prompt you to buy clean drinking water which most people can’t afford. If you want to save money used to buy this rare commodity, then you should learn how to filter river water at home.

Filtering river water isn’t that difficult, as some people believe. There are different ways of doing so which you can learn today and begin consuming clean water without breaking the bank. One way is by using pitcher water filters which use granulated activated charcoal to remove water pollutants. They are cheap to buy but require frequent filling for large families. They don’t remove all toxins but can reduce chlorine in the water.
Another way of filtering is using reverse osmosis filtration. These filters have a membrane that removes many pollutants in water. They are also paired with Granulated activated charcoal that can help to remove chlorine.
The semi-permeable membrane in these filters can remove fluoride, reduce asbestos, arsenic, and heavy metals in water. However, this method still does not remove VOCs from the water.

The last way which is recognized by EPA as the best for filtering chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and VOCs is the solid block carbon filters. When you buy quality carbon block filters and install at your home, you will be able to filter many pollutants that make water dangerous to drink. These include nitrate, heavy metals, VOCs, bacteria, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, and parasites. Most of these gadgets work by gravity and can transform unclean water to fresh and clean water for drinking. They can filter river water, rain water, and pond water and make it safe for consumption.

The best thing about solid block carbon filters is that they use gravity and thus don’t require electricity to run. This will save you on electricity bills. Though they are pricey, they will save you money in the long-term than the above-discussed methods and require minimal filter replacements. Don’t drink unsafe river water while we have many ways of purifying it. Try the above water filters today and experience their benefits.Or, if you’re in the woods without the proximity of store filters, check out this way of filtering: